The ASRH - a tool at the service of the watchmaking community

The scientific activities of the ASRH mainly aim to:

  • Assist the watchmaking world in discovering and exploiting scientific and technological advances in common, with the objective of improving watch performance and the means of production;
  • To anticipate international regulations which may limit, even forbid, the use of substances which are harmful to health or to the environment and to propose alternatives to the horological industry;
  • To consolidate the base of horological science.

To achieve this, the ASRH conducts research projects where it entrusts their implementation to university laboratories and to research centres. In addition to generating scientific results, the projects also enable the development and consolidation of the community of engineers and scientists who are active in horological research. The existence of this community whose interests are centred on watchmaking applications, ensures the region remains the world leader not only in the market but also for innovation in the horological sector. The Association also organises conferences on subjects which meet the interests and needs of this community.