Limited configuration project


A limited configuration project is a tool specifically adapted to SMEs who do not have significant resources for conducting their own research yet who, as part of a joint effort, still want to take advantage of the competencies of the ASRH in establishing and managing research work. These consist of targeted projects which enable the members of the Association (a minimum of two independent or different watchmaking groups) who have identified a subject on which research work or specific studies are necessary for them, to instruct the ASRH to entrust tasks on their behalf such as: 

  • To identify one or several laboratories able to carry out this work
  • To carry out a study or research project with this laboratory/these laboratories 
  • To manage and coordinate the implementation.

The tasks in a limited configuration project are performed on the instruction of the consortium members. This type of project is not submitted to all the members of the ASRH, as do subscription projects.