Participating in a project

Industrial members of the ASRH

Within the framework of the submission of an initial subscription, subscription projects are proposed to all industrial and collective members of the ASRH. The subscribing members then form a consortium of partners. Their subscriptions ensure the financing of the works described in the project proposal. The partner members are the exclusive beneficiaries of the project results.

When a member wishes to participate in a project where the consortium has already been created and the activities are already ongoing, it may request to join the consortium by submitting a participating request to the ASRH. The consortium will then decide whether to accept the new partner, or not, and will define, if applicable, the conditions of this participation.

Laboratories, external companies

Laboratories or external companies who want to contribute to a project or initiate a new study are invited to contact the ASRH. Research mandates or service provision mandates linked to the implementation of projects are established before the project is submitted to the members of the Association.