ASRH at the service of its members

The ASRH’s objective is to consolidate the leading position of the Swiss watchmaking industry by helping exploit scientific and technological advances for the benefit of watchmaking applications. It also plays its part in developing an interest in horological research within research institutions by promoting better knowledge within the scientific community of the potential of those applications for the design, creation and production of watchmaking products.
The ASRH’s mission is to run joint research projects for the benefit of its members. Initiated and managed by the ASRH, these projects are generally conducted in University laboratories and in research centres, both in Switzerland and abroad.

Association members benefit from participation in these projects from their relatively modest costs and their access to scientific expertise across a wide range of subjects. By pooling resources, they also share the risks. The brands and the manufacturers who join forces within the framework of these joint projects are also able to increase the efficiency of their own internal projects. By participating in these projects, the companies in the value chain, such as suppliers and sub-contractors, have the opportunity to work with their clients to identify the best solutions for the problems they are facing. Laboratories themselves also have an interest in participating in these projects as they enable them to develop their own knowledge of horological problems and also to leverage their scientific results for the benefit of this important sector of the Swiss economy.